Between 1977-79 a Swiss publishing company called Edito-Service released an extremely comprehensive set of cards called Sportscasters Cards (aka Focus on Sports Cards) that covered information on close to every sport known to man.

Only available by mail order, the cards were released in various countries and covered everything from profiles of the latest European football stars and NBA champs to more obscure topics such as Breton Wrestling, Wrist Wrestling (pictured above) and Australian Rules Football.

Subscribers would receive a collection of 24 cards in the mail every week and have the option to continue to receive more decks with each payment. No complete sets were ever offered and the only way to accumulate all the cards would have been to have subscribed from day one until they were sadly discontinued in 1979, due to a decline in subscribers.

Today the cards float around on eBay and amongst avid memorabilia collectors. Each card contains a great photo, simple 70′s graphic design and information on the topic is listed on the rear of the card.

Some more great examples below.




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