By now we have all seen the Adidas Brazuca, official World Cup ball for Brazil 2014, the latest small (mainly) white sphere that will hold the gaze of the entire world transfixed within a few days.

But what of every other official ball before it? Unfortunately no museum exists, where one can stroll through admiring everyone of them, so German photographer Jens Heilmann has provided us with the next best thing. He has travelled around to the sacred sites where each of the balls are held and photographed them for posterity. From the leather cannonball used at the very first World Cup, Uruguay 1930 to the introduction of the Adidas Telstar at Mexico 70 (the ball that has become the international symbol for football) all the way to the slick and aerodynamic Jo’Bulani of South Africa  - see them all below.

See more at his site where prints of the balls are also available for sale.

athleticopaper_WM_1930_1 athleticopaper_WM_1934 athleticopaper_WM_1938 athleticopaper_WM_1950 athleticopaper_WM_1954 athleticopaper_WM_1958 athleticopaper_WM_1962_2 athleticopaper_WM_1966 athleticopaper_WM_1974_1 athleticopaper_WM_1978 athleticopaper_WM_1982 athleticopaper_WM_1986 athleticopaper_WM_1990 athleticopaper_WM_1994 athleticopaper_WM_1998 athleticopaper_WM_2002 athleticopaper_WM_2006_1 athleticopaper_WM_2010

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