Gary Aspden, designer/curator of the recently released adidas Originals x SPEZIAL collection, received word of an old store stacked to the rafters with vintage adidas in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Unsure if it was an urban sneaker myth or a cruel joke, he got in touch with the adidas office in Argentina to confirm it’s existence.

Word came back that the myth was reality and a semi-retired store owner named Carlos Ruiz, had faithfully maintained his sneaker store for over 30 years. Seemingly more just a place to go every day in his old age than any commercial concern, Ruiz maintained a collection that is more museum archive than sneaker store.

Aspden pulled together a crack team of other adidas fanatics including Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown, well known collector Robert Brooks and Mike Chetcuti and along with film makers Show Studio got on a plane to BA to check it out.

The results of their find was not only a store frozen in time full to overflowing with vintage adidas sneakers and equipment but also a short film documenting the discovery and disbelief.

See the film here at SHOWstudio

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